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Profound systems transformation will not be brought about by sticking to our existing ideas and priorities. The required transformations will depend on three shifts in strategic business mindsets that deeply influence the way business decisions are made.

We need to reinvent the purpose of businesses in society and how we measure business success, so that economic activity no longer needs to involve negative outcomes;
We need to rethink what it means to be resilient in the long-term, understanding that resilience is about adapting to a world that is always changing, not stubbornly trying to protect the status quo;
We need to learn how to operate regeneratively, rather than destructively, understanding that future business success depends on thriving communities to trade with, and a healthy planet for us all to exist on.

These mindset shifts lie at the heart of overcoming some of the major barriers to progress of the last decade. A model of capitalism that rewards true value generation in the long term will demand a change to the rules of the game, moving us away from short-term decision-making.

A better understanding of true resilience will drive companies to more broadly consider the different factors that their long-term success depends on, and push them to address economic, environmental and societal trends and developments that threaten their long-term success. A more regenerative approach to business will shift the way in which companies value and nurture the ecosystems and communities that their success and stability depend on.

These mindset shifts are what will move companies to take action in support of real transformation, to determine they need to pursue the transitions in our pathways, to provide them with the reasons they need to mitigate transition risks, factor in transition costs, and safeguard their ability to generate long-term value, and therefore future success.


To explore this mindset shift in more detail, download our Vision 2050 issue brief, or explore the key sections of our Vision 2050 report.

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